Thursday, February 5, 2009

Apologetics 315: Bart Ehrman vs. James White Debate MP3 Audio

I wanted to make it a point to comment on the debate James White did recently against Bart Ehrman. I have bought the debate and listened to the debate myself and i gained a great deal from it. I would suggest that anyone who wants to interact with the question of whether or not the Bible we hold in our hands is an accurate copy of the texts that were inspired by God. The debate question was: "Did the Bible Misquote Jesus" taken from the title of Ehrman's book Misquoting Jesus. I think that Ehrman was condescending and unprepared. I agree with James White's analysis that Erhman did not adequately prepare for the Debate but I don't think he adequately met any of the White's challenges. Ehrman's main point is that there are so many variations in copies of the New Testament that there is no way to get back to what the original authors really wrote. He then concludes that God had not preserved the New Testament. People, like atheists and Muslims, further take that and conclude that the New Testament is full of errors and not inspired by God. During the debate, Ehrman, tried to distance himself from the conclusion drawn from his work saying that the was not responsible and that his conclusion that the texts are not inspired was based on his own opinion and not by his research. Thankfully, White called him on that.

In my opinion, James White did a great job explaining that Ehrman's conclusions are wrong. We do know what the original texts say although we don't have the original copies.

Apologetics 315: Bart Ehrman vs. James White Debate MP3 Audio

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