Wednesday, May 26, 2010


 It has been brought to my attention that news is coming out of Nigeria that Christians are murdering children because they think that these children are demon-possessed. Do children get possessed? According to the Bible...yes! However the stories coming out of Nigeria are saying that witches and allegedly possessed children are being cruelly and ritually murdered. Is that Biblical? No. Killing witches was for ancient theocratic Israel. Why would Christians do that today? We don't need to. God has given us the power to cast out demons. We have record in the whole Bible of anyone killing someone who was demon-possessed . Instead we are supposed to fast and pray for the possessed to be delivered. I don't think that there is much demon-possession in the United States but in other parts of the world where power miracles mean something, they see more exorcisms and divine miracles. In the west, we are too snooty to trust God enough to see those kinds of things. We trust more in what we have. So God moves differently for us here.

I've been on LIBERTY FOUNDATION GOSPEL MINISTRIES ...::: Home the church of Evangelist Helen Ukpabio who is being blamed for teaching theology that validates the murder of children. I can find nothing on her website that substantiates the claims. However such practices are taking place and the there is no way Christians can sign off on it. It's wrong. This is kind of tricky. We don't focus on exorcism ministries because the devil doesn't move here like he does in Nigeria. He doesn't need to. Therefore I'm not going to say her doctrine or focus is wrong - just the application people are taking. I've talked to more than one Nigerian who has seen and experienced too much to totally ignore the need.

As for the accusations that the Church of God In Christ (COGIC) is responsible because she may or may have been be a member of our church is laughable. There are more pentecostal denominations as well as other persuasions, cults, and religions in Nigeria. The practice of killing children or witches is un-Biblical and I know of no legitimate Christian organization condones such practices!

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