Monday, June 21, 2010

Apologetics 315: William Lane Craig vs. Massimo Pigliucci Debate MP3

Brian has posted an interesting debate. I enjoyed listening to it. I really like Dr. Craig. One thing is I've got to admit is that it frustrates me that He does not debate Biblical inerrancy or that the Bible really accurately describes what happened. The atheist is going to bring it up. I understand why Craig does not go there in a deep way in that he can show that Christianity is reasonable apart from the Bible. Although I think it is effective in his hands, i think not bringing the Bible to bear is not giving the whole message. Of course he isn't trying to give the whole message, just nudge people towards God. I wonder if he thinks the Bible does have contradictions and conflicts. I'll be looking into that soon. William Lane Craig is a philosopher and historian not a theologian. Therefore I want to be careful not to read things into what he believes that is not there. Follow the link below to listen to the debate yourself.

Apologetics 315: William Lane Craig vs. Massimo Pigliucci Debate MP3
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  1. The reason Craig doesn't want to get into inerrancy is because it would distract from the issue at hand; whether God exists and whether Jesus is God. Whether the Bible is inerrant or not wouldn't affect those truths.

    Of course he does think that the Bible is inerrant, and I'm sure he could argue it quite forcefully, but he makes it a point to not make that central in his web of beliefs.

    Check out his Defenders podcasts on the doctrine of revelation.