Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Campaign To Cast Donald Glover As Spider-Man -

I have been recently hearing that a black actor named Donald Glover should be cast as Spider-man. I have to say the same thing I said when I heard that Beyonce' wanted to play Wonder Woman: Don't Do IT!. I think that our society is so afraid of being racist that some people think it's progress to change the race of traditional characters to make us feel more included. Like when I was a child and they started making black Santa Claus. The idea that fictional characters can be whole-sale changed to meet the new needs of the culture telling the story. Being black is more than just  a skin color. It's a social and cultural context. Grant it because characters like Spider-man and Batman are WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon persons) there are things in my life they can never share...nor should they because I do like a little reality in my fiction. I also don't think that a person's color and life experiences should be ignored in the story. Instead of making Spider-man black why not make more movies/television projects centered around black characters. For example, I wanna see a Luke Cage movie. And definitely Black Panther. I want more Blade too. Why not do the story of Isaiah - the black Captain America who was given an unfinished version of the super soldier serum before Steve Rogers? Now that would be a great story.  If I were going to cast Donald Glover in something cool it would be a Static movie.

The Campaign To Cast Donald Glover As Spider-Man -
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