Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will William Lane Craig debate Richard Dawkins? | True Freethinker

Richard Dawkins is a plain coward. Mariano has posted a couple of awesome posts logically demonstrating that if Dawkins really wanted to stack his arguments against God's existence up against one of the best scholars Christianity has to offer today, he'd be hard pressed to ignore William Lane Craig. Mariano quotes Dawkins as saying:

As for William Lane Craig, Richard Dawkins has stated, “I've never heard of William Craig” and that he will not debate this stranger as “A debate with him might look good on his resume, but it wouldn't look good on mine!”

In my opinion, it's Dawkins resume would surely suffer because he would loose this debate hands down. I'd put Dawkins up against many scholars without even batting an eye, and they wouldn't either because they already know what the outcome would be. So does Dawkins, that is why he will not debate them. He can already smell his blood in the water. On the following links, Mariano lists Dr. William Lane's credentials - his educations, many of his publications, a list of some of his debate opponents - all of which add up to Dr. Craig more than being worthy to debate any subject Dawkins would like to discuss in a public, moderated debate. I think the better question is: Is Dawkins worthy to debate William Lane Craig?

Will William Lane Craig debate Richard Dawkins? | True Freethinker
William Lane Craig - Various Texts
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