Friday, July 16, 2010

The Dunamis Word: When "Progress" Takes You To Hell

I have to say I'm glad Pastor Harvey Burnett has posted this article regarding the United Progressive Pentecostal Church. He makes valid points. Judgement begins at the house. We can't allow people claim to be Christians while doing exactly opposite what God has said is wrong. If a sin is done in public, it must be rebuked in public. Pastor Burnett is not the first to point out the inconsistencies between what the Bible teaches and what the UPPC teaches. So far they have ignored it. No denomination is without flaw or has issues, but telling people that their sin is okay...that is a problem. Just like the old song says..."The Bible is right, somebody's gotta be wrong."  Anytime I disagree with what the Bible says I'm wrong. 

The Dunamis Word: When "Progress" Takes You To Hell
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