Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is God a dictator? | True Freethinker

I love hearing Dr. John Lennox. I really appreciate Mariano posting this on his blog. In a democratic republic (yeah, I know I'm trying to keep a straight face even as I write this) such as ours, the thought of a sovereign dictator is repugnant. So repugnant in fact that it colors the way we see God and how God works and does things. We think that in no way could a good and loving God act in a unilateral way despite what we want or think. Such a thought ignores our fallen nature, limitations, and stupidity. As well as ignore the fact that God really does know what is best for us. Here is the video Mariano posted in which Dr. Lennox discusses this very question.

Is God a dictator? | True Freethinker
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