Monday, August 30, 2010

Apologetics 315: Apologist Interview: Edgar Andrews

In today's interview, Brian Auten interviewed Edgar Andrews.  Dr, Andrews has led an amazing life: Science and Engineering Professor, Apologist, and Pastor.  He's had a career that any scientist would want to follow. I was amazed and encouraged by the interview. I was further amazed that about 24 years ago I debated Richard Dawkins on the existence of God. Huge! Especially considering that Dawkins does not debates Christians anymore. I've listened to that debate a couple of years ago and I didn't I blog it, but safe to say, it underlines why Dawkins does not debate anymore.  I'm interested in checking out Dr Andrews book Who Made God: Searching for a Theory of Everything.I was amazed to find out that Dr. Andrews commented on a blog article I wrote a few months ago about DNA and Stephen Meyer's book Signature in the Cell. The blog post  and Dr Andrews' comment can be read at Can DNA Prove the Existence of an Intelligent Designer? « Biola Magazine. I definitely thanks Brian Auten and Dr Andrews for this interview.
Apologetics 315: Apologist Interview: Edgar Andrews
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