Saturday, August 21, 2010

Samsung May Not Care About Customers....But They Make Good Phones!

As you probably remember, I posted a blog post a couple of weeks ago about how I felt cheated that I bought the Behold II because Samsung said that they would be upgrading nor supporting the phone at least up to Android 2.0 (phone hasn't even been out a year!) and now have said that they will not. Well, I'm still not happy about it but I now have a resolution that I can live with. T-Mobile agreed to sell me a better phone at a low discount. At first I was upset that the best Phone I could get from them was a Samsung model, but I have to admit that it's a great phone and now I can do all things that I need to do with the Phone that I could not do with the Behold II - such as make real good use of Bluetooth! So I thank God for allowing me to find a solution. It's not the solution I wanted but it is the solution I needed.
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