Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today on Radio Free Geneva!

Today, August 24, James White reviewed the new third edition of Norman  Geisler's book Chosen But Free, I read a previous edition and I wanted to know how this edition is different from the one I read. I was hoping that there would be improvements because the book there was so much in the book with which I disagreed. But those hopes seem to have been dashed. I read Chosen But Free (CBF) and then I read James White's rebuttal The Potter's Freedom (POF). POF is a masterpiece. It is really well-written and explains where he disagrees with Geisler and why. It makes a great text book for anyone who wants to study the history of thought and the arguments between the rival views of Calvinism and Arminianinsm. The program today is a great companion to reading the book. I really wish Norman Geisler would formally debate James White or RC Sproul on these things.

Today on Radio Free Geneva!
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