Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Face Palm Quote of the Day #5 - Debunking Christianity: I Specialize in the Big Picture

Who is John Loftus? In his own words:
All scholars have a specialty, right? What's mine? As I said in my book Why I Became an Atheist, I specialize in the Big Picture. This is true and it's no joke. I gather as much of the relevant material as a mortal can possibly muster and try to make sense of it. Confound it though, all of the Big Picture specialists seem to be gone. I'm a scholar about the Big Picture (i.e., the forest) just as many other specialists are scholars about one of the trees in the forest, or a species of trees. When it comes to the Christian faith, I'm a Big Picture specialist about all things Christian. My specialty is in Countering Christian Apologetics.
What can I say? This is definitely a face palm quote. By his own admission, John Loftus is saying that he concentrates on the big picture? I think that in concentrating on the big picture points explain why he actually misses the big picture: Too many "trees" that he doesn't understand. Thinks like the Trinity and nature of God. And who God is. I've never seen anything that makes me think he knows what the Bible says or what it means. Truly a failure in scholarship.

Debunking Christianity: I Specialize in the Big Picture
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