Friday, September 10, 2010

Nubia Filmworks - "Too Saved"

I recently watched a film that I thought was truly good. i was raised around church and so I'm familiar with the points the movie does a great job in pointing out. In fact i have heard of real-life stories of women who beg God to sve the man they love, and what happens when God does it. It often turns out that the woman gets much more than she thought and sometimes may not recognize the fact thatr God saves a person for his use not hers. The movies is funny and I have seen such situations play out in real life. It is much better than any Madea play/movie ever released and although Tyler Perry doesn't seem to be personally involved in this movie, I've got to admit that had it not been for his success this movie would have never been made. I got to can never be "too saved".

Nubia Filmworks - "Too Saved"
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