Saturday, October 16, 2010

Answering Muslims: Wafa Sultan's Statement at Trial of Geert Wilders

David Wood posted the following videos and comment on the Answering Muslims blog.
Wafa Sultan was called to testify as an expert witness at the Wilders trial. The judge read her statement. These videos include English subtitles.

In case you don't know anything about the story Gert Wilders. I found the following on Wikipedia
Wilders has campaigned to stop the "Islamisation of the Netherlands". He claims that some sutras and text in the Qur'an incite violence and has campaigned to have the book banned in the Netherlands. He suggested a tax on women who wear the headscarf, advocates ending immigration from Muslim countries, and supports banning the construction of new mosques. He was a speaker at the Facing Jihad Conference held in Jerusalem in 2008, which discussed the dangers of jihad, and has called for a hard line against what he called the "street terror" exerted by minorities in Dutch cities.[8] His controversial 2008 film about his views on Islam, Fitna, received international attention.
In January 2009, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ordered Wilders' prosecution for "incitement to hatred and discrimination". Wilders was banned from entering the United Kingdom between 12 February 2009 and 13 October 2009, the Home Office saying his presence would be a "threat to one of the fundamental interests of society". The ban was overturned after Wilders appealed and he visited the UK in October 2009, and again in March 2010 to show his film.
Answering Muslims: Wafa Sultan's Statement at Trial of Geert Wilders
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