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FacePalm of Day #15 - Debunking Christianity: Re-formulating William Lane Craig's 4 Facts Resurrection Argument

GIFSoupI just saw this quote on John Loftus' blog:
I am going to demonstrate with completely sound reasoning why the most reasonable conclusion based on the evidence is that Chippy the squirrel rose from the dead.
There are four historical facts which must be explained:
1. Chippy's burial
2. The discovery of the empty tomb
3. His post-mortem appearances
4. The origin of a few people's belief in his resurrection
I'm not sure what is more disturbing:
a. Loftus actually thinks this is a good argument
b. The author of the link thinks it a clever refutation.
c. Or Steven Bently's comment:
We cannot ignore the witnesses, there were at least 500 squirrels, dogs, cats, insects, worms that witnessed Chippy's resurrection, not to mention that Chippy came back and his body was eaten just as Jesus commanded his disciples to eat his body, John 6:53
The fail is just so strong...I'm not sure where to start. Ther3efore instead of further making fun of the comments, let us concentrate on what is more important. That is the "re-formulation" is nothing more than the author took William Lane Craig's arguments and replaced Jesus with an fictional squirrel - robbing Dr. Craig's formulation of any common sense. I say this because I have never heard Dr. Craig try to argue that either of these points taken on its own is enough. Second one of the main points that people's belief in Jesus' Resurrection matters is that because of that belief their lives were transformed. That is unarguable! Indisputable! Even the most liberal scholar (read "hostile to historic Christianity and the Bible") agrees that Paul was a real Jew, living in the first 70 years of the common era, was hostile to Christianity and took it upon himself to destroy it, but then became it first Apologist and most-able champions! How? Why? What would it take to make you believe your older half-brother is God made-flesh - come to take away the sins of the world? I don't blame James and Jude. It would take a lot! If one of my brothers started talking that way, I'd be sizing them up for straight-jacket. So what changed their minds? We know that before the crucifixion none of his blood brothers believed Jesus. Again: What changed their minds? Peter, John, and the other Apostles endured persecution spreading a story that they knew was true or not. Even if you won't grant that they were martyred you've got to admit they were beaten, imprisoned, and persecuted. Why? A great to deal with for something you have dreamed or halucinated just wouldn't be worth it for someone who is sane. So what is the best explanation? Simple.
1. Jesus was crucified and buried
2. His Tomb was empty
3. There were post-mortem appearances of Jesus.
4. The origin of a few people's belief in Jesus' resurrection.
Jesus was raised from the dead. As for Chippy the dead squirrel, what good is his resurrection to me? What difference did his death make and what difference does his life make to me or anyone? Nothing. Jesus on the other hand changes everything!!!!
Oh, and about Steven's comment: Transubstantiation has no Biblical merit and John 6:53 is not alluding to that at all. That was Church dogma that came centuries later. Better material please.
Debunking Christianity: Re-formulating William Lane Craig's 4 Facts Resurrection Argument
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