Monday, October 18, 2010

Fistbump Quote of the Day #4:Brennon's Thoughts: How to Define Atheism

Brennon has recently post a great article that takes on the way Atheists try to define atheism in such a way to put the burden of proof on the theists. They think they can hide behind semantics and not really take a position...they think they are being logically sound. I've posted on this subject myself but I loved the way Brennon wrote his response. Today's Fistbump goes to him.
So, if this is what atheism actually is, then more power to them. Atheists just lack belief in God. Great. Apparently they lack the testicular fortitude to make up their mind about whether He actually does exist as well.
I agree with Brennon. What I want to know in judgment day when people stand before God to give an account for the things they have said, done, and thought do they really think that this argument will fly? It won't.

Brennon's Thoughts: How to Define Atheism
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