Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fitstbump of the Day #7 - - The Official Jovan Mackenzy Website

I recently heard of Jovan Mackenzy from James Whites web cast who played a song that will be on his upcoming album. Mackenzy has sampled  a couple of Dr White's sermons to his music making fantastic God-glorifying music. Mackenzy works in the hip hop genre of music. Being black and thirty-five year-of-age means that I'm more familiar with the genre than Dr. White and it was plainly evident when he was talking about the song. But his heart is in the right place. I've looked up some more of his music and I was amazed - more awesome content. The only thing I have seen anything like it is the work of Hazakim. Mackenzy's music has a more Reformed bent while Hazakim's music has a more Jewish context. Both are needed and God-glorifying. Mackenzy has a new album dropping around Thanksgiving this year. You can buy his music from his website, download a few free tracks, and you can find videos set to his music on YouTube. See the video below. Today's Fistbump goes to Jovan Mackenzy. - The Official Jovan Mackenzy Website
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