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PZ Myers and Atheist Cosmology | True Freethinker

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I've been inspired to start a new series of posts spotlighting articles that contain quotes that are so good that it overturns a quote that deserves a "FacePalm" (represented above). For those of you who don't know the cultural significance of a "Fistbump" (see the left), it is a physical gesture to convey success and approval. First here is the quote that deserves a FacePalm courtesy of PZ Myers.
The universe is cold and uncaring. You may be grateful that you weren't vaporized by a meteor falling out of the sky this year, but there's no agent out there who will feel pleased that you noticed, and the fact of your general relief that your existence continues will not be a factor in the motion of space rocks in the next year.
There is so many things wrong with this quote, however I think Mariano Grinbank put his finger on the main issue. This is why his article deserves the Fistbump of the day:
In my essay The Misanthropic Principle – How Atheism Robed Me I wrote that atheism essentially urges us to believe that,
Everything in the entire universe—as parts and the universe as a whole—was arbitrary…We should never close our eyes to the wonders of the designed universe and its life just because some have erected a facade of scientific respectability around their chosen worldview philosophy.
It was pointed out to me that I misspelled one word in the title to the essay: I wrote “Robed” but I meant to write “Robbed” (including that English is my second language and that I am dyslexic or simply a misspelling).
Atheism robs us by demanding that we restrict our thinking and stop short of following evidence where it leads.
Musing upon my misspelling; I concluded that while atheism robs the universe of meaning, God robes it with meaning. Atheism robbed it but God robed it.
Yes, Mariano, you were so right! My favorite part is:
I concluded that while atheism robs the universe of meaning, God robes it with meaning. Atheism robbed it but God robed it.
Genius! Yes, God still inspires pure genius today.
PZ Myers and Atheist Cosmology | True Freethinker
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  1. Sigh... Not sure if Mariano was responding directly to PZ or not, but if so, he makes the category error in that recognizing that the universe is uncaring has less than zero to do with our ability to see the wonder of it. If Mariano was not responding to PZ, then it's you that's making the category error.

    I regularly stand in awe of the beauty and majesty of the ocean. But drop me into it, 1000 miles from land with no boat or floatation, and I will drown. And the ocean won't care either way. That's what PZ is saying.

  2. I think that you and PZ miss the point that Mariano is making. The meaning of the creation is not that it's beautiful. The point is purpose. The purpose of the beauty and majesty of the ocean wasn't meant to impress you. That's not the point. The point is why? That point is what is the point of the creation at all? The best your world view can offer is that there is no point, no purpose, no meaning. No hope but eventual heat death for the universe and non-existence for you where your life means nothing - gone and forgotten. I feel sorry for you and not just because you are deluded and going to hell without Jesus, but you have no hope as you exist now.

  3. I don't think PZ is even aware of Marino. But I understood his point, and disagree. Marino feels robbed because there's no transcended purpose. I guess he needs that.

    You know, what a world view can offer someone has less then nothing do do with the truth of that world view.

  4. If as worldview is not true...then it's time to get another one. Mariano does not feel robbed because there is not transcended purpose. He's saying that atheism is attempting to be rob us of that understanding. Ryan, you've been duped. You have a purpose whether you choose to live up to it or not.

  5. Yes, I have purpose. It's not a magical one like you think you have. I make my own purpose. We all do. Some of us are brave enough to admit it.

  6. Then what is your purpose?

    What is a magical purpose? You claim to have been a Christian. Do you even know what purpose God created the Universe for? According to the Bible, we know why God made us and why Jesus came, died,and rose again. Nothing magical about it.