Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rick Sanchez Gets Fired Over Most Epic "Jews Sux" Stupidity Ever (Rants) - The Snob Blog - Danielle Belton's The Black Snob

Wow, I had not heard of Rick Sanchez getting fired over his comments I blogged about yesterday. I think he was stupid for saying such things. I really enjoyed reading Danielle Belton's comments and observations. I think she summed it up best:
This sort of fearmongering Sanchez sputtered out is the worst kind. Akin to thinking all black men want to steal your purse, all Mexicans are illegal and all Muslims support al Qaeda. It dehumanizes people (which is why the Nazis said what they said), and once you take away someone's humanity it's all that much easier to take away their life. Also, Sanchez makes the mistake of assuming that just because one is from different circumstances that they are somehow "elitist." I don't know how "elitist" one can be when they're from New Jersey, like Jon Stewart, and made their way through a middling comedy acting career for decades until he finally worked his way up to his own show. But Sanchez bellyaching about not getting a promotion, blaming racism and Jewish people is the height of intellectual laziness. Sometimes you don't advance because you're JUST NOT GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. Not because "the Jews" are keeping you down.
Also. CNN is not owned by "da Jews." But Turner Network Television, which was founded by the not Jewish Ted Turner.
Try harder, man. Try harder.
I think that Sanchez dislikes Jon Stewart for the following clips from his show:

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Rick Sanchez Gets Fired Over Most Epic "Jews Sux" Stupidity Ever (Rants) - The Snob Blog - Danielle Belton's The Black Snob
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