Monday, November 15, 2010

Biochemist Interview: Michael Behe - Apologetics 315

Michael Behe was interviewed by Brian Auten in his ongoing series of interviews. I love to hear this guy. Some people who support evolution hates this guy with an irrational hatred that can only by fear. Fear that in the final analysis they might be wrong. I enjoyed this interview and I think people should really think carefully about what Dr. Behe is saying about Intelligent design and evolution. It's always interesting to me how people who believe in intelligent design and/or the Bible are accused of starting with a conclusion and then finding evidence to support it instead of going the other way. Why is that? It seems to me that it describes their way of thinking because they refuse to even concede the obvious design right of their faces. It is one thing to say that the universe only appears to be designed and then also argue that if there is a design it is so badly design that it can't be intelligently  driven.  Very silly. . In order to argue that, you are saying that you know what the best design should be. Dumb indeed.

Biochemist Interview: Michael Behe - Apologetics 315
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