Saturday, November 20, 2010

Download - WHHWapp for Android

I've decided to add a mobile Android apps to my blogs. There will be at least one app for each blog. So far the main blog has a single app with more to follow. I plan to make them free for now since I am only beginning to begin to write Android programs. Eventually I'd like to branch out and write iPhone/iPad apps too. Please feel free to download the apps and comment. I'd also would like to make them available on the Android market. I'll be making announcements as they come up.

Android Software

WHHWapp version 1 - Free

This app is a simple app that allows a user to view the 10 most recent posts from the blog feed. It gives you just the first 200 characters of the post and title and the link to the post. You load the feed from the press of a button. The app also has another button that opens the blog up in the web browser of their choice. You can close the application by just shaking the phone. I like to use the taskmanager and Advance Task Killer to close apps when I am done with them.

The app was created using the Google App Inventor and the Google App Engine to parse the RSS feed using Python,. I want to extend the app by adding thumbnail images from the post in the feed and live hyperlinks for each post that takes you to the full blog post in the blog. I also would like to give the user the ability to end the app from the interface.

You can either download the program by e-mailing me or asking for it in the comments below  or use a QR reader like BeeTagg to quickly download the app to your phone or tablet.


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