Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fistbump of the Day #8 - YouTube - Moorish Amazons - Black Archaeologist

Today's Fistbump goes to the Lambert brothers who run the YouTube channel TechNubian1. I love the following video. It uses pretty good animation to depict the story of how the Almoravid Moors sent their female warriors lead by Nugaymath Turquia to beseige the Spanish castle called Valencia. When they sent a group of knights to rush Turquia's lines, she had her warriors cut them down with arrows. These ladies apparently were awesome archers. I've never heard of this before. Could be why Spaniards had a myth regarding black amazons led by a queen named Califia. There is a legend that when the Spaniards first came to California, they thought what they had found the home of the Amazons and named the land after the Queen. Thus Califia became "California". Grant it, not everyone thinks this is true, but I like the story anyway. Gee. I wonder why I was never taught about Turquia in school? Why wouldn't my school system want me to know about a group of powerful black women warrior who could take down the best knights? As Arsenio Hall used to say, "Makes you go, 'Hmmm'!". The Fistbump goes to these brothers for shining the light on a little explored piece of history!

YouTube - Moorish Amazons - Black Archaeologist
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