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George W. Bush's Worst Moment? Hurricane Kanye - The Snob Blog - Danielle Belton's The Black Snob

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Ex-President Bush has a book coming out soon in which he discusses his experiences and decisions while he was President. Too soon? I think so. He has an interview that will be airing next Monday. I'm shocked that Bush says that when Kanye West said that Bush "doesn't care about black people. " it was the worst moment of his Presidency. I got to admit Kanye only said what I was thinking. You know you were too. It led to one of the most shocking moments I have ever witnessed on television.

George W. Bush's Worst Moment? Hurricane Kanye - The Snob Blog - Danielle Belton's The Black Snob
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  1. If Bush really believes that, it confirms that he is just as stupid and clueless as his critics claim.

  2. I can't believe we agree about something! Well, actually we don't. I don't think Bush had a problem with black people, he had two in his cabinet. He didn't care about poor people and I think he was pretty color blind about it.

  3. Wow, I love how both atheists and Christians alike can peer into the heart of a man and see his TRUE motives. Some real God-like abilities over here.

    How does a poorly coordinated response to a natural disaster proove that anyone hates anyone else? That's ridiculous. Did Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, hate black people since he failed to provide busses for a quick exit?

    Did the black people in Bush's cabinet, who are also responsible for coordinating the response, also hate black people?

    Does Obama hate his brother who lives in a hut?

    This is silly speculation, and is simply race baiting. I think it's deplorable to take advantage of a disaster to push racial politics.

  4. Racial politics? No. Did you hear that Bush's mother Barbara say that some of "those people" who lost everything in the New Orleans disaster were "better off"? I did. I would find it hard to believe had such a thing happened say in affluent white neighborhoods, the same blunders would have happened. I don't pretend to see into Bush's heart...just the fruit of his actions.

  5. Are you your mother?

  6. First off, Barbara isn't George W, so to implicate George for something his mother said is obviously fallacious.

    Second, "Those people" doesn't always connotate a racial group, and I think one is over-sensitive when they take that and infer that the person is all of a sudden a white supremacist.

    Third, I'd need to see the context of what Mrs. Bush was saying before I can judge it.

    Fourth, I wonder how you would have handled such a confusing situation as Hurricane Katrina, since, as you may remember, it was first thought that everything was fine. There were many conflicting media reports as to the initial damage. No one handled the response well.

    Fifth, people have a responsibility to take care of themselves. If you sit around waiting for the government to come get you, you'll be waiting a long time. The people of New Orleans should have attempted to leave when the hurricane was on its way, and the mayor should have assisted by using the empty busses that ended up underwater. The local authorities should have acted, as they are LOCAL.

    Sixth, and this is reiteration, I don't think it's reasonable to judge someone's heart on whether they are prejudice or hate a certain class of people based on a response to a natural disaster, especially since there were black people who were working with the president. I might also remind you, Marcus, that George W. Bush is credited as having alloted the most resources for the HIV pandemic in Africa than any other president ever. Can we judge anything about him based on that?

  7. Ryan and Brennon.

    Everyone has been influenced by their mothers. You, me, everyone...for good or bad. I was highly offended by Barbara Bush's remarks. I think that it speaks about the attitude of some people around Bush. I'm taking what I've seen Bush has personally said and done to think that maybe Kanye had a point. I know Bush doesn't think he's racist. That is a good thing.

    Here is what Barbara Bush said:


    From what I remember many, many of those who died could not afford to leave before things got so bad. They had no means or resources to get in a car, plane, buses, or train and leave. The rich folks could and did. Interesting that the majority of people who could not afford to leave were poor black people.

    No one is saying the system didn't fail the people of New Orleans across the board but I have to ask you "Would the response had been different if it was a city full of people who were affluent, white, and republican?" I think it would have been different. Very different.

    Kanye did not say what he said just because of New Orleans. He was referring to all of the decisions and things that had happened since 2000 regarding African Americans. The majority of resources were spent on invading and holding Iraq during his Presidency...makes you wonder just how little attention Africa got before Bush. I'd bet it was Condolezza Rice and others most responsible for the aid Africa got...Bush just didn't say "no". I'm grateful for that at least.

  8. Marcus,

    Just because you've been influenced by your mother doesn't mean Bush has. Furthermore, you can't conclude that Bush is racist because his mom has been an influence on him. Do you do everything your mother does?

    It seems to me your trying to rescue a failed argument.

    I'm actually quite appalled at the terrible use of logic here. You are so committed to your point of view that you refuse to accept any of my arguments, and insert your own ad hoc explanations about Condolezza Rice or whoever coming up with the idea to give aid to African nations? Is this because you have a preconceived notion about what Bush really believes in his heart? Because you certainly don't have any evidence. You denied that earlier and said that it was based on his actions, but I just alerted you to his actions regarding African nations.

    Also, what the crap is he appointing black people to high positions of power in his administration if he "hates black people"?

    That makes no sense. It looks to me as if you just want to see Bush as some racist. You have no reason to.

    Kanye did not say what he said just because of New Orleans. He was referring to all of the decisions and things that had happened since 2000 regarding African Americans.

    What the heck? Which decisions? Katrina happened after Bush had already initiated and given all that aid to Africa. Come on, man. You can't cite one thing to me that was racist that Bush ever did.

    Oh, and people had over a week of warning before Katrina hit.

  9. BTW, you may want to read up on this here.

  10. Brennon, if you have no money to move, a years worth of warning would not have helped. I don't think you understand how hurt and poor some of the people who lost the little they had during Katrina. It's possible to be so economically challenged that you could not move even if you wanted to and have to wait to be rescued. I find is frightening that you think that it was the people's fault for not leaving New Orleans in time and needing rescue. It was horrible all around. I also notice that you seemed to have totally ignored my point that had it been a more affluent area, things would have been handled differently from the local governments all the way up to the national level. In New Orleans most of the hardest hit were not the ones who could afford to evacuate in time but those who didn't. A lot of the affluent lost no property. They were taken care of first.

    I never said that Bush was a card-carrying Klu-Klux-Clan member kind of racist. I'm referring to the pervasive racism that under girds society. No, electing Obama does not change that.

    As for the black people he put on his cabinet, I don't even want to get on that. Just like electing Obama it does not change the racism that Kanye was talking about. Truth is our society does not care about poor people - black or otherwise.

    I can't speak for anyone else's mother, but as for mine I can genuinely say that if I emulate her, I'll be a good Christian who loves others no matter what as she emulates Christ.