Friday, November 12, 2010

High Five fo the Day #4 - Answering Muslims: First Lady Michelle Obama Dons Hijab

David Wood has made some great comments on the fact that the Obama administration seems to be playing down the differences between the Islamic nations and the west. Complete with Michelle Obama wearing a Hijab.
Since the First Lady of the free world is now wearing a hijab so as not to offend Muslims, I'm wondering if she's willing to go even further. Some Muslims will be offended unless Mrs. Obama wears a full burka, so she should probably order one if she doesn't already have one. She'd better make sure she lowers her gaze in the presence of men, and she'd better not object to sex with Barack, since he's now free to beat her if she gets out of line. Of course, she should now be fine with Barack marrying three other women (or three prepubescent girls), since Islam allows this. Someone should probably inform her that she is now officially half as intelligent as a man.
If you disagree with Wood's observations, then I would really like an explanation of how Islamic teachings, practices, traditions have been misrepresented.

Answering Muslims: First Lady Michelle Obama Dons Hijab
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