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FacePalm of the Day #36a - Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Holy Spirit inspires James White "Jesus of the Bible is a one dimensional shallow person that could never be loved by anybody"

It's amazing to me how  people can view the same evidence and information and come with diametrically opposite conclusion to the truth of a matter. I think thegrandverbalizer is letting his own personal dislike for  Dr. James White and it is poisoning his ability to objectively understand the arguments that Dr. White is using. My comments are in red. This post is an introduction to a three part response to a rather long response to a presentation James White gave regarding the things the Qur'an and the Hadiths say of Jesus and the Trinity. You can see the video below.

Some times some people do not know how to quit while there ahead. James White after being refuted, debunked, reprimanded, corrected, and educated continues on in his ways.

Um, When? 

In fact many times people like Yahya Snow and myself do him a huge favor by even blogging or writing about him at all. Most of the people in my circles say ....James ...who?

If James White's work is so ineffective, why is thegrandverbalizer so concerned with trying to refute him? Failing, but at least an attempt. I think that this is a good point at which to explain why I am responding.  A dialogue must continue. Thegrandverbalizer refuses to call in to the Alpha and Omega Ministries webcast and instead keeps writing essays that I think need to be responded to. It is painful reading Facepalm worthy posts in which questions are asked that are answered in the material he attempts to refute.  To his credit, at least thegreatverbalizer is trying to respond to what Dr White has actually said in public.

There are times I feel like writing him and saying....Sir....Stop! So that you may save face and do Christianity some good.....stop.

Why doesn't he? And then explain to Dr,. White how he is doing a disservice?

The Christian polemic against Islam is starting dry up as of late. I find it interesting. I know that Muslim apologist and those involved in polemic are no where on par with their Christian counter parts. The Christian argument against Islam has been a slow crescendo that has long since reached it's apex.

Huh? An interesting observation, but I don't think that many scholars would agree with that assessment.

However, it does not stop the missionary and their onslaught against Allah's deen for mankind. There is fertile ground among the masses who's only recourse to Islam is Fox News, CNN or the latest newspaper headlines.

In a day where so much information is available, and for free, it's shameful if your only recourse to learn more about Islam (or anything) is just  Fox News, CNN or the latest newspaper headlines. If you can afford cable television, you can afford to seek out more information.

It is in the dark corners of the human mind that misinformation and propaganda against Islam finds it's fertile nesting ground.

There is propoganda and truth. I haven't seen any posts from thegrandverbalizer decries or affirms the recent ABC News special about Islam. Does he agree with the way Islam was portrayed there. Does he consider it factual? Are media reports propaganda only if it is pro-Islam? 

James White is one among many missionaries hoping that with a little water, and a whole lot of darkness the seeds of misinformation will take hold and root in the mind of the unwary masses.

I admit that I disagree with thegrandverbalizer's assessment of Dr. James White's ministry. He gives so much information and tells you where he gets it from that any Muslim who wants to stand against what he says has ample opportunity to show him wrong. He isn't hiding anything.

I will say this to the credit of James White. He claims he has listened to Yasir Qadhi's lecture series on the hadith sciences. He also says he ask Christian audiences how many of them have actually read the Qur'an and to his dismay one or two hands shoot up. All of this is to his credit and he has my respect for this.

Finally something good to say about the man. 

Yet, as I have learned this is all part of his particular charade. He feigns sincerity and 'fair shake' approach to lure in his unsuspecting prey.

With one hand he gives and with two he takes away. 

You see it's one thing to listen to Yasir Qadhi's lecture series on hadith. It's quite another to grasp and understand it. Has James White taken a test on the lecture series? If so what was his score? Where has James received an Ijazah to teach hadith?

Is thegrandverbalizer saying that one must be able to pass a test on Yasir Qadhi's lecture series on hadith in order to prove that one understands it? What was thegrandverbalizer's score? Does he think he can teach hadith?

Unfortunately just like the word "Dr" in front of his name this is one of a myriad of ways James tries to make himself relevant in the field of Christian-Muslim apologetic.

You can see the discussion where other Christians talked about him faking his degree here: "Apologist James White Coy About Doctorate"

What is this? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Many of the men who call into question James White's scholarly credentials have no such credentials of their own and on top of that wouldn't consider thegrandverbalizer or any Muslim as a friend and are far less knowledgeable or gracious as Dr. White.

There are probably two issues that James White needs to stop parading in front of Muslims during debates because it's just dishonest and absolutely non scholastic.

#1) He claims that the Qur'an gets the Trinity wrong. He borrows these arguments from the Zwemer institute for Islamic Studies based in and around Chicago Illinois. He makes very fallacious claims that the Qur'an makes Mary a part of the Trinity.

I believe that Abdullah Al Andalusi did a very good job in his debate with James. I have given that debate and commentary here:

Surprisingly, I don't see it that way. During the course of this post thegreatverbalizer attempts to explain why this point is misleading and dishonest, so I will respond to it later as it comes up.

#2) He claims that the Qur'an confirms the Bible. I have given response to that here:

Same as point #1, I will respond to this point as he brings it up.

For those interested you can also see a healthy exchange between Ken Temple ( a four point Calvinist (he does not believe in baby baptism like Calvin; and a member of the Baptist Reformed Tradition). This exchange is here:

 FacePalm #1: Baby baptism is not one of the Five points of Calvinism.

I'm going to give a segmented break down by this video of James White. I have also recommend that this be downloaded and burned to a C.D (just in case James has some technical problems and the video no longer becomes available wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

I sure would like thegrandverbalizer provide proof that Alpha and Omega Ministries have done this kind of thing before. That is a very terrible and dishonest accusation to make. Not to mention that I've seen the video posted on at least 4 websites including thegrandverbalizer's blog and excluding my own. 

As far as I'm concerned James White is completely irrelevant in the field of Islamic-Christian apologetic and polemic. His presentation sounds tired and not very well thought out. This is very different from a James White I knew who sounded sharp and confident. There are just some concepts and ideas presented which are sub par even by White's usual standards which at times can be descent.

Rather a scathing summation. Let's see if he can prove his case. Again I have to ask is if Dr White is so irrelevant why the so heavy-handed ad homeniem attack. This is just the beginning of thegrandverbalizer's post and so far it's long on accusations but very sparse on proof.

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Holy Spirit inspires James White "Jesus of the Bible is a one dimensional shallow person that could never be loved by anybody"
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