Thursday, December 2, 2010

FistBump of the Day #13 - Glenn Beck and Mormonism | True Freethinker

Mariano made a great post on Glenn Beck. He points out that Beck says he is a Mormon because he wanted to get a good family. He isn't concerned with the theological differences between Mormonism and Historic Christianity. However the differences are so stark and so huge they can't be ignored. I really like the way Mariano brought this out.

Glenn Beck and Mormonism | True Freethinker
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  1. And you were born into your sect. Honestly, what's the difference?

  2. The difference is simple. Glenn Beck wasn't born into Mormonism. I wasn't born a Christian. I was born to parents - mother and father - who were Christian. The distinction is that having grown up and looked at the evidences myself I have come to the conclusion that Mormonism is wrong and my Daddy and Mommy are right.

  3. Mustafa thinks his Abbi and Ummi are right.