Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Apologist Interview: Stephen Notman - Apologetics 315

Yesterday, Brian Auten posed a real gem of an interview with Stephen Notman. Stephen was a formal atheist and he explains how God revealed himself to him and why and how he does Apologetics. I also have to agree with Wintery Knight comment about how sanctification is an on-going process. I know people who were delivered from drugs and alcohol and promiscuity and smoking. When they got saved God took the very desire from them . They didn't do rehab or see a psychologist. However, I know people who are saved but went they through recovery programs. It's all God. The ones who didn't go through rehab are not more saved than the ones who did. It's a different process for everyone. No matter what you are miraculously delivered from, there are still many more thing that you will struggle with and will grow to overcome. Other things you will struggle with until you leave this earth. Just like Stephen says in the interview being a christian isn't easy. Jesus never promised anyone that it would be. Not one of us is perfect but we should be all tying to.be obedient to the one who saved us  Please follow the link below and here this wonderful testimony about just how God is.

Apologist Interview: Stephen Notman - Apologetics 315
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