Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calvinists are Now Theological Racists

Alan Kurschner, one of the awesome contributors to the Alpha and Omega Ministries blog posted the following

Ergun Caner has stated that Calvinists are worse than Muslims. This week Norman Geisler has added to this vitriolic rhetoric calling Calvinists theological racists. Wait a minute, I thought it was Calvinists who are the mean nasty people?

Geisler said: "These people [meanie Calvinists] teach that Christ only loved the elect and only died for the elect. And I think that's some kind of theological racism."

At 30:30 into this radio show you can listen to human tradition in all its glory.

I liked the whole interview. It helped me remember that Norman Geislet is a great scholar although I think he really got the points on divine election and human free will wrong.  Calvinism is not about believing that does not love everyone. I also don't understand how he can argue that his critics have been cruel when he equated Calvinism with racism.

Calvinists are Now Theological Racists
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