Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dunamis Word: The Nephilim Pt. 1

Superintendent Elder Harvey Burnett has posted an interesting article on the web. Instead of tackling the fantasy of the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4) being angel/human hybrids in explaining what they are, he focuses on the passage that points out that the Nephilim are still with us today. He frames his discussion thusly:

Rather than look at biblical chronology examining the nephilim, I thought it best to look at some nephilim (tyrannical giants) that have developed in modern times. These men rejected salvation through Jesus and told the public that salvation was only offered through them, and obedience to their words. Some, who have examined their lives, say that they were mentally ill. I can only say that persons can't exalt themselves, blaspheme God and expect to remain sane.

His series of articles will focus on:
Rev. Major Jealous Divine aka: "Father Divine"
Bishop CM. "Sweet Daddy" Grace
Rev. Jim Jones
Rev. Frederick "Ike" Eikerenkoetter
Elder Burnett is not shy about naming names. I appreciate that in him. Of course these men have gone on to, but there are still such people today working against God's kingdom. I can't wait for the next part.

The Dunamis Word: The Nephilim Pt. 1
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  1. Greetings inquisitive soul;

    It appears that those called " Nephilim" were not designed for earth's gravity, thus in a joint effort to create a "super race" of enforcers DNA from the Nephilim were planted within the female womb of the humanoid earth-suits upon earth at those time(s).

    Apparently, traces of the Nephilim DNA can still be seen, although possibly unrecognizable to, so called "Modern man", within those of the military and sports arenas.

    Albeit, given your programming regarding "Salvation required" I can not agree with your understanding of the mission of the 6th density wanderer whom you are taught to call "Jesus", I do however wish you the very best on your journey of discovery, and hope that you will be able to overcome your programming in order to consider the view your future-self has to share with those willing to escape the the space/time illusion.

    In that, you will either hear a bell ring, or a door slamming shut, is up to you to hear the "still small voice" within;