Monday, January 31, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #54 - Debunking Christianity: Quote of the Day

Given that John Loftus posted the following:

Given the proliferation of religious delusions that seem to be growing around the globe in an age of weapons of mass destruction, atheists must start breeding like rabbits. ;-)

I'd like to assume he is just making a joke but it is to stupid that it just isn't funny. It made me wonder if he really knows deep down abortion is wrong. If a person claims to be religious and still thinks that abortion is not wrong than they are being inconsistent. However the reason why an atheist has little problem with abortion because according to their world view the unborn child is not a person and therefore not worth the same as a born human being. I admit if life doesn't begin at conception, and if there is no soul or minds that transcend death then maybe they have a point. After all if the mind and brain are the same thing, how can a fetus have a mind if it doesn't yet have a brain? This is one of the reason that, by definition, atheists must discount the unborn as human beings. However there is a point to consider: If atheists do have more children they will be obeying the divine mandate to be fruitful and multiply and giving us more people to share the Gospel with. He also commits the fallacy of thinking that this world would be a better place if everyone agreed with him.

In the comments section, Loftus also wrote:

Eight million Christians killed each other during such wars as the thirty years war, even though your God could've easily settled their disputes since he supposedly had foreknowledge they would do so. Why didn't he communicate through his so-called inspired authors what Christians should believe more clearly?

First, I'd like to know how he came up with the number eight million dying during wars waged by Christians? Second, although he claims to understand history, does Loftus really think the causes of the Thirty and Hundred Years wars all come down to people who disagreed on Biblical Theology? I'm trying really hard not to laugh at such an absurd claim. Third, Why doesn't it occur to Loftus that some of the people who fought in those wars could have ignored God's Word even as he does today?

Debunking Christianity: Quote of the Day
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