Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: David Wood: Uncommon Calling?

I have not seen a better example of ad hominem attack on a person than I saw on this article from thegrandverbalizer against David Wood. I'm not surprised. When you can't refute a man's theology or arguments, attacking his character and personal likes and dislikes is the tactic of next resort. For example, thegrandverbalizer tries to use mistakes David Wood made as a young person before he was saved as proof that he should not be trusted. I notice a great deal of the story is not described that David Wood has been on record referencing. Thegrandverbalizer really does not like David Wood. I thought that his misplaced indignation was only directed to Dr James White. I was wrong about the scope of his dislike. Thegrandverbalizer wrote:

Than there comes the mentally unstable Christian with very erratic behavior. It is not just simply having an issue with Islam, but it's finding cause to join with anyone or anything that is simply Anti-Islamic just for the sake of being Anti-Islamic .....even if it is crude, sinister and down right dark.... So this brings me to David Wood. A man who was arrested for attempted murder for bludgeoning his own father with a ball penn hammer!

Now later, it is stated that Wood later became a Christian, but the critique leaves out an important point. David Wood explains (the time I'm thinking of is when he debated John Loftus) that he was a raised an atheist and that his father used to tell David that he was God. He didn't give very much detail then and it has little bearing on how reliable the man is now. We all have sinned...especially before we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. In addition thegrandverbalizer tries insinuate that David Wood is a homosexual. Why? Simple, he can't really refute him. He can't win in a debate so he tries to throw David's character under the bus. Thegrandverbalizer even goes as far as trying to cast David Wood as being immoral and untrustworthy because of the movies and books he likes. These are really pathetic arguments that I think are being made to try to get other Muslims to ignore the arguments and work David Wood does.

Just why is he hated so much? Look at the commentary and video David Wood posted regarding the discovery of a terrorist training camp in the United States.

I find this video both racist and Islamophobic. Everyone knows that if Muslims are preparing to wage Jihad in your country, the "tolerant" thing to do is ignore it. Then, once they have carried out the terrorist attack, the "tolerant" thing to do is to deny that it had anything to do with Muhammad's clear commands to wage Jihad.

His comments are insightful and uses sarcasm and humor to make his point about how stupid our policies are towards people (not all Muslims) who because of how they read their scriptures are mandated to kill us. To make it worse, David Wood and his partners in ministry are really good in showing that those Muslims we label as extreme are really the ones correctly following the Historical Islam and those who are preaching tolerance and love are re-interpreting their scriptures out of their context. Is it any wonder that David Wood, James White, and the others ministering to Muslims are hated by some people? Hatred is the only response they have.

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: David Wood: Uncommon Calling?
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