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Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Debate: Assurance of Salvation in Islam and Christianity

I appreciate thegrandverbalizer pointing out that this debate has been posted on YouTube. I'm still of the opinion that he really doesn't understand Christian theology however. Two quick points. He wrote the following:

I think that this is the debate that White never wanted to have with fellow Christian Dan Corner and that is on the subject of OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) or the believers security.

The doctrine "Once Saved Always Saved" is not the same thing as the Reformed doctrine of "Perseverance of the Saints" or "Eternal security". OSAS carries with it a stigma of "cheap" grace. People start thinking that they can live any kind of way and still go to heaven because they are saved. This is not what the Bible teaches. True a born-again and regenerate human being can't be lost. This is something God does. However he does that in changing an individual on such a fundamental level that he or she does not want to live any kind of way anymore but desire to live a life for Jesus. The assurance comes from the Fact that the one who saved us is more than able to keep us. In my opinion, such a debate can be confusing if there isn't a clear distinction being made. It's my understanding that Dan Corner does not want to make that distinction.

That is really in a nut shell what it boils down to.

The Calvinist has a certain degree of security based only on two presuppositions.
1) That their theology is the correct theology.
2) That their works and outward manifestation of a Christ centered life is really the works of a regenerate person and not someone who has been deceived by God with evanscent grace.

Actually that isn't true. If Arminians are correct then I am just as saved as I am if the Calvinists are correct. They agree that we are saved by grace and God holds all accountable for their sins! What they disagree on is the how of we respond to that grace: is it on our own and does God have to enable us apart from our will? In the final analysis which ever is correct - I'm saved. Here is the difference between a regenerate person and one who isn't is that the works will not stop. The faith will not stop. God deceives no one. According to Arminians, the Prevenient grace (I think that this is what thegrandverbalizer meant by "evanscent") given by God and available to all human beings is not until salvation - no. It's just enough grace for a person to be able to decide to be saved or reject Jesus.

Here is a playlist of the debate

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Debate: Assurance of Salvation in Islam and Christianity
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