Friday, February 11, 2011

Black History Month - Felicia D. Henderson

During Black History Month one does not need to be dead to have their contributions to American arts recognized. Felicia Henderson is a teacher and an artist. She's been writing and producing movies and television since the mid-1990s! Major series like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sister Sister, Soul Food, Moesha, Everybody Hates Chris, Fringe, and many others! She came to my attention because I found out that she will be writing the upcoming Static comic book series and that she is the current writer on the Teen Titans comic.Part of this is the question of why hadn't I noticed her before? I've been enjoying her work for 20 years. Even in 2011, there aren't many women, let alone black people, making a living doing the kind of creative work she does. Not everyone has the kind of talents she has nor the opportunity to share them. Thankfully, she has a couple of interviews I found that tell you a lot about her as a person and her career in Hollywood and Comics.

Felicia D. Henderson - Fringe Wiki

Talking Teen Titans with Felicia D. Henderson

Henderson On "Titans," "Static" & "Girl Genius"

Felicia D. Henderson - IMD

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