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Debunking Christianity: Professor Matt McCormick Proposes "The Defeasibility Test"

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John Loftus posted the following quote from Matt McCormick.

So in the spirit of John Loftus’ Outside Test for Faith, I propose a test. Before I or any other doubter, atheist, skeptic, or non-believer engages in a discussion about the reasons for and against God, the believer must look deep into his heart and mind and ask this question: Are there any considerations, arguments, evidence, or reasons, even hypothetically that could possibly lead me to change my mind about God? Is it even a remotely possible outcome that in carefully and thoughtfully reflecting on the broadest and most even body of evidence that I can grasp, that I would come to think that my current view about God is mistaken? That is to say, is my belief defeasible?

If the answer is no, then we’re done. There is nothing informative, constructive, or interesting to be found in your contribution to dialogue. Anything you have to say amounts to sophistry. We can’t take your input any more seriously than the lawyer who is a master of casuistry and who can provide rhetorically masterful defenses of every side of an issue. She’s not interested in the truth, only is scoring debate points or the construction of elaborate rhetorical castles (that float on air). Read more.

So basically, Dr. McCormick suggests that unless there is some possibility that I, as a believer, must be willing to doubt. I ran into this when he commented on my blog a few months ago based on a lecture he gave regarding faith. Instead of asking if I am willing to consider if my views on God is correct then I must ask is he willing to consider if his atheism is defeasible? IS he willing to entertain even hypothetically that God is real and that the Bible is the Word of God? Is he willing to consider the ramifications if such propositions are true? I don't think so. I've been a Christian for a long time - most of my life. During that time I have searched and looked at many other religions and considered if any of them offer more truth or better explains reality than Christianity. I have had access to everything one needs to make such conclusions. This is what I have found: I have searched all over - high and low - over and under - through and around - and I have found none greater that the God who has revealed Himself through the Bible, nature, and revelation.

Debunking Christianity: Professor Matt McCormick Proposes "The Defeasibility Test"
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