Sunday, February 13, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #58 - Debunking Christianity: Quote of the Day

John Loftus posted the following today:

For a religious faith to pass the Outsider Test for Faith (OTF) it must be justified by the sciences. Period. If believers reject the sciences as a way to know the truth then let them propose a better alternative. So if the OTF is to be rejected, what do we put in its place? What’s the alternative?

Loftus again seems to assert that science is the a way to know truth as if Christians reject science as a way to know truth. Here is the heart of the problem I have with his "argument": I'd like to see a single good example of science contradicting something the Bible says - not what some folks over time have misinterpreted the Bible to say. He and others seem to assert that the Bible contradicts science and history and then when pressed don't produce any reasonable proof that there is contention between the Bible and reason. The bottom line is science cannot rule out miracles. Since it can't rule out miracles, science cannot be the only justification for true conclusions about reality. What else is there? God. If you have no guarantee that your reasoning powers and thought processes are reliable (and why should you, given how fallible you are), what else do you have?

Debunking Christianity: Quote of the Day
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