Monday, February 21, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #65 - Debunking Christianity: Biblical Apologetics and the Flat Earthers

John Loftus posted the following quote.

Professor Keith Parsons wrote:
"Without an adequate theodicy, arguing for God’s existence will be like arguing that the earth is flat. Vast quantities of contrary data will either have to be ignored or dealt with in an arbitrary and ad hoc fashion." God and the Burden of Proof p. 132.
This quote came to mind today when Ed Babinski sent me two links of people who argued for a flat earth in our modern society. One of them is an article that appeared in 1931 offering $5,000 to anyone who can prove the earth is a globe. The other one is about today's flat earthers.

You know, the more I think of it, the more I think Christians--especially of the evangelical kind--argue in the same way as flat earthers. Read through that second link. See any parallels? I do.
I think that equating people who think the earth is flat with people who believe the Bible is stupid. In the case of the flat earth we have plenty of contradictory evidence showing that the earth is spherical. In the case of the Bible and especially in the case of the Resurrection - there is zero proof that conclusively disproves them no matter what you choose to believe. Definitely the kind of facepalm worthy statement I've come to expect from Loftus and at least he has something in common with God - he never disappoints either.

As for the need of an adequate theodicy, I agree with Dr Parsons. However the Bible gives more than an adequate theodicy. 

Debunking Christianity: Biblical Apologetics and the Flat Earthers
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