Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“The Fatima Crusader” and False Prophecy | True Freethinker

Mariano wrote a great article regarding really looking at the vision of the Virgin Mary at Fatima.

There appears to be a deceiving spirit, a fallen angel disguised as an angel of light, who is passing itself off as Jesus’ mother, Mary. This creature has been spreading false doctrine wrapped in a veneer of Christian obeisance as well as false prophecies.
It was a study into some of these false prophecies that lead me to write to Fr. Nicholas Gruner of The Fatima Crusader in order to pose some questions regarding these prophecies and those making them. The chronology of what follows is that Fr. Nicholas Gruner wrote an article in the year 1998 AD that made certain claims about prophecies that were to be fulfilled in 1999 AD and or 2000 AD. Once the year 2001 had come around, I wrote the following e-mail dated June 30th, 2001 AD (the usual pleasantries have been edited out)
Read the rest of the article at the following link.

“The Fatima Crusader” and False Prophecy | True Freethinker
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