Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Common Sense is Tingling - Debunking Christianity: "Don't Spank That Monkey" App Courtesy of XXX Church ;-)

I don't understand why John Loftus thinks that enjoying sex is antithetical to Christianity. I mean really? Why?

Such a guilt producing message! Okay, Okay, sexual addictions can be very serious, but WTF is this! What's wrong with masturbation? Anyone? Anyone? Will it make you go blind or something? And what's wrong with lust? It's biology baby. Christians will forever have problems with sex. They don't know what to do with it except deny, deny, deny. I've written about this before.

Looking at history, yes, the church has denied sexual fulfillment of people and making it seem that God does not want people to be sexual fulfilled although he gave us those desires. This is not the same thing as "lust". Isn't sex supposed to be more than just fulfilling biology? Although the church has done a disservice on teaching on sex for years - making it seem like sex is dirty and immoral in and of itself, this is not the picture that the Bible gives us for the place sex should be in our lives. God isn't against sex, he just wants us to truly enjoy it in its fullness. Since he gave them to us, wouldn't it make sense that God would know what we should do our feelings so we don't destroy ourselves and each other? All I am calling for is some common sense applied consistently.

Debunking Christianity: "Don't Spank That Monkey" App Courtesy of XXX Church ;-)
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