Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Common Sense is Tingling - Debunking Christianity: Two Mormon's Just Came To My Door

John Loftus wrote the following

Does it just not cross any believer's mind that you're all ridiculous when you claim to know with certainty you're right and all others are wrong? What is it with you people? Are you just that dense? "No," you'll say, "the Mormon's are wrong and we are the only ones right." Then still others will chime in: "I'm right!" "No, I am." "Am not." "Am too." Are not." "Are too." What idiocy! Do you just not realize what this looks like? Get a grip delusional people. Skepticism is the adult attitude. Grow up!

Why doesn't it cross John Loftus' mind to apply his skepticism to his own position? Isn't he just as delusional assuming he's right and all believers are wrong? Yup, it is. He can't prove he's right. He's even gone as far as saying it could be true although there is no good evidence (and I disagree that there isn't good evidence) therefore he does seem to recognize he could be wrong but still refuses to stop calling others delusional when the same should be applied to him.

Debunking Christianity: Two Mormon's Just Came To My Door
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