Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Richard Carrier Blogs: Debating J.P. Holding

Now this is definitely one to watch. J.P. Holding versus Richard Carrier. I might like to attend this one. The subject is great and important - Do we have what the original audience had in terms of the text? This is of course a different question as to if the text is true. I'd like to see if they get into that.

You heard that right. On Saturday, 9 April 2011, at 5pm, I will be debating my "nemesis" J.P. Holding on the textual reliability of the New Testament ("Do We Have What They Had?"). It is being sponsored by the Christian congregation of Pastor Cameron English and will be held at the Amador Christian Center (see their events page; right now it's a little ways down the page).

Richard Carrier Blogs: Debating J.P. Holding
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