Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Answering Muslims: Alicia Gali: Imprisoned for Being Raped in a Muslim Country

I wonder how bad do people have to be treated by a foreign government before we intervene? Does it matter if it's their own people or foreign nationals? Do they have to be Americans? David Wood posted a news article about a young white woman from Queensland, Australia who was working for UAE luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia. She was drugged and gang raped. She was discovered the next day, naked and brutalized with four men. When she sought to press charges, she went to jail for adultery because

Ms Gali said she was never warned by her UAE employers that she could be charged with adultery and face prison if she complained of being raped, without having four adult male Muslim witnesses.

What?  I wonder how many other women are victimized in such a horrific way but in Ms Gali's case she gets to go home and can sue the company that put her in that situation. As for the men - they went to jail too...for adultery and not rape. If they hadn't been found in the hotel room, they would have gotten off I am sure. The message is that they can take any woman they want as long as they don't get caught.

David Wood wrote:

And yet it's racist, bigoted, and Islamophobic for us not to want the same barbaric rules here in the West.
I totally agree. I don't want that for anyone...and not here! My question is what about all those suffering people in Saudi Arabia dealing with this day-to-day. They don't get to go home. What do we do to help them? I don't have the answers, but I've got to ask how are they better than Quadaffi, Saddam Hussein, or any other dictator we have forced to leave? This problem is bigger than who's President of the US. It's systemic and just a part of American Foreign policy. The difference is it's in America's oil interests to leave the power structure in place. If the woman had been American, our government still wouldn't do anything. It's got to stop somewhere or it will continue.

Answering Muslims: Alicia Gali: Imprisoned for Being Raped in a Muslim Country
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  1. But let's not forget the part Alicia Gali's home government played in this story. They did sweet nothing for her. Let's not think the UAE's bank balance influenced their behaviour.