Friday, March 11, 2011

Debunking Christianity: How Do We Know Christians are Delusional?

It is shocking to me that people claim Christians are delusional. This video attempts to say that because we reject Mormonism and Islam we should also reject Christianity. The video skips the question about what reasons are there to believe Christianity over Mormonism and Islam and instead asserts that there is no good reason to believe Christianity is true and tries to make it seem like the Bible is full of magic and superstition. It ignores the scientific studies that show the prayer is effective and all of the positive evidence for the Bible. I find the analogy of people who believe false things as living in a bubble very interesting because how do atheist know that they are not in a bubble or just traded one bubble for another? We all have biases and presuppositions that are not true. The God of the Bible promises us freedom from those by freeing us from ourselves.Unless an atheists desires to claim that everyone is deluded but themselves, he/she has no proof that that they are not in a bubble of their own and unable to see reality outside of it. Until you have been freed from your bubble of sin and separation from God you can't see that you are imprisoned in it. The Gospel is that Jesus came so that you may be freed. Let God burst your bubble so you can be free. You can't think your way out of it because you don't even see that you are in the bubble.

Debunking Christianity: How Do We Know Christians are Delusional?
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