Sunday, March 27, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #69 - Debunking Christianity: One of the Most Asinine Christian Claims I've Heard

Recently, John Loftus has yet again made another statement that make me wonder if he truly understands what he is saying.

It's claimed that people like Dawkins, or Hitchens, or Harris don't know enough to reject Christianity. How much should a person know about a religion or the various branches of it in order to reject them all? Really. I'd like to know. These very Christians do not know much about other branches of their own religion, so how can they reject them? And they do not know much about the various other religions around the world or the branches within them, so how can they reject them? Most Christians do not know enough about their own religion! All a person has to do to reject their own inherited religion is to subject it to the same level of skepticism they use when rejecting all other religions. This represents The Outsider Test for Faith I argue. Just think what Christians are saying. They're saying that in order to reject any given religion a person must know a lot about it. How much, I ask? And how long would it take to learn a lot enough about all religions in order to reject them all? And wouldn't Jesus himself be opposed to granting salvation only to people who knew a lot about the religions of the world to gain the proper amount of knowledge that Christians require in order to find the one correct one, if there is one? Didn't Jesus come for the lowly, the outcasts, and the babes? Such inconsistency knows no bounds. No wonder my claim is that Christians demand that we prove their faith is impossible before they will see it as improbable.

It's like asking how do you know that apples are good to eat unless you have ate every possible thing on the earth to find out what the poisons are? Or how do you know what truth is unless you have heard every single possible lie? The thought is asinine. When you know the truth, do you really need to do more than just compare other things to it to expose lies? Of course the question is how do you know the truth? Salvation is not about what you know, but who you know - Jesus Christ. So the very point is more than asinine - it is downright like asking what does pink tastes like? We are commanded to search and to test everything in light of what evidence we have - taking into account our own presuppositions and biases.

The thing is that when you really look into what the Bible says I've got to ask "Why would anyone want it to be true?" We know that it sounds foolish to those who don't believe. It seemed foolish to many of us before God changed us. We believe because God literally revealed himself to us and he can do the same for Loftus or anyone. The evidence just confirms it. When we become a Christian we agree that we are sinners and in need of salvation. We agree that we deserve to be punished and stand in guilt. We agree that we are unable to save ourselves and that we need Jesus' righteousness to stand before our creator. This is why unbelievers try so hard to deny God as creator.

Debunking Christianity: One of the Most Asinine Christian Claims I've Heard
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