Thursday, March 31, 2011

William Lane Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss Debate Audio - Apologetics 315

I liked this debate. I think Dr. Krauss is interesting. He said that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." I liked the response to this found here.

He claims that Dr. Craig says that the universe is so complex and makes no sense to us but nonetheless true. I agree totally! The problem is why isn't that hold for God's existence?

I disagree that Dr. Craig argues that God exists because we don't know how it came into being. I also disagree that God creating universe means there is no need to ask "Why?" or find out "How?" It makes me want to search and know more. The reason being in studying the creation we get to know its Creator better.

Why does Krauss seem to think that only scientific evidence is only "good" evidence? Krauss kept talking as evidence only counts if it is falsifiable yet no one really believes that you can only make rational decisions using falsifiable evidence.

Krauss really flubs up the philosophy, but Craig stays away from areas of science he hasn't studied.

Krauss is wrong that all scientist agree with him that the universe is fine-tuned for life. Of course he thinks that there is aliens on other planets. If the universe isn't fine tuned, why would there be life?

I have visceral reaction to Krauss' argument that a belief in God necessarily means that you don't need to study how the universe works. Why?

Krauss is not a debator and it shows. He is a brilliant physicist, but not the best philosopher

Krauss lost my respect when he argued that the Universe might be future eternal to argue that it does not matter that the universe may not be past eternal. I've heard him argue that the universe had a beginning from nothing and an end in a previous lecture.

Krauss seems to think that fine-tuning means that if there was a meaning, purpose, or grand design because the universe does not look like he thinks it should...which is what he started accusing theists of doing when he did his opening statement.

This debate is extremely interesting and I was wondering how these too would fair facing each other. For not being a debater, Krauss did not do awful but he was too condescending and insulting to Dr. Craig. Craig handled it like a professional. Go to Apologetics 315 to get the audio link. The video and slides can be seen here. You can see the homepage for the debate here.

William Lane Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss Debate Audio - Apologetics 315

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