Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Answering Muslims: Passover for Sudan's Freed Slaves

I've got to admit that this post really touched me. It turns that there thousands of black Africans living as slaves, forced to convert to Islam, and treated like animals. It hits real close to home because it's the sort of institutionalized slavery that resembles slavery in the United States.

I'm real happy that international organizations are taking steps to help get many people free. I keep wondering why doesn't the United States and the United Nations do more to help. Apparently people are donating money so that they can buy people's freedom?! I'm wondering why these racist slave holders should profit from their evil? I can't help but think that if these people were not black more would be done. In the orient whenever white girls are discovered kidnapped for the sex trade the authorities come down hard and puts a stop to it without compensation to the perpetrators. There is a religious component to this too because the Muslims who are doing this think the Quran and their prophet Muhammad give them the right. More needs to be done.

Judgment is coming. In the cases I can think of  where historically the treatment of slaves were similar, the nations guilty of such crimes had to pay a heavy price for their sin.

Answering Muslims: Passover for Sudan's Freed Slaves
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