Thursday, April 7, 2011

dangerous idea: Groothuis on Multiverses and Intelligent Design

Victor Reppert recently posted the following on his blog:

Why is the multiverse theory science, and ID not science? Can we appeal to the unobserved and unobservable, so long as it's not personal? Can one, with a straight face, reject theism because of Ockham's razor, and then believe in the multiverse?

Which I totally agree with. I can't see why anyone would ignore the design of the universe and dismiss it as appearance, yet embrace the concept of multiple universe given that we cannot detect them and even scientist who push the idea admit that we will most likely never be able to detect them. Following Dr. Reppert's comment, someone named Anna said the following:


I imagine one brand of a skeptic's response to be something like, anything natural is more probable than one instance of the supernatural.

The truly sad thing is that I think she's right. This is totally the kind faulty objection some skeptic might rise. It's silly because what does Intelligent design have to do with supernatural? And why would supernatural causes and effects negate the point that the universe was not a product of uncaused naturalistic processes. Not everyone who sees the universe as having been intelligently designed think it was God. I agree that it was God, but not everyone agrees with me. Intelligent Design merely says that the universe was designed - it does not necessarily discusses the agent of that design nor the purpose of that design. For those, you need greater revelation which we have in the Bible.

dangerous idea: Groothuis on Multiverses and Intelligent Design
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