Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Dunamis Word: The lion Of Atheism Pt. 2 ~ "Everyone Is An Atheist"

Christopher HitchensImage via WikipediaHere is a great essay from Elder Harvey Burnett. In this relatively short essay he takes on an often raised objection from atheists. Here it is as stated by Christopher Hitchens.

"Everyone in this room is an atheist, there's not one of you who isn't. You don't believe in the temple of Diana at Ephasus. You don't believe in the Egyptian Thor. You don't believe in Oden. You don't believe in Quetzalcoatl, y'u-know the other Aztec gods. None of you do. You're all atheists so far as that's concerned. Some of you believe that one of these is OK and that it's true. I just say, I'll go you one better and say I'll be an atheist and I'll be a consistent one."

Elder Burnett gives a good answer as well as others. Follow the link below to read his.
The Dunamis Word: The lion Of Atheism Pt. 2 ~ "Everyone Is An Athhriseist"
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