Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Great Posts from David Heddle.

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David Heddle had me laughing today.

He wrote a post responding to the news that Jerry Coyne thinks that dealing with people who believe in creation is the same thing as there being a conflict between science and religion. It would be funny if the man was not serious.

He Lives: And the Booby Prize goes to...
Earlier he posted the news that a wealthy friend of Lawrence Krauss has been accused of paying for child prostitutes and instead of condemning his friend's action Krauss defended his friend. I liked the way Dr. Heddle summed up the point of the post.

I'm not sure I worded that clearly, so here is a summary of what I am trying to say:

  1. Krauss has a scumbag friend who has exploited child prostitutes for sex.
  2. Krauss was an imbecile in the manner he chose to defend his friend.
  3. Since the pedophile is Krauss's friend, Krauss's behavior might be looked at through the lens: it is never easy to throw a friend under the bus--even when he richly deserves it.
  4. The free-thinking Gnu crowd is incapable of such nuance, because what Krauss did strikes them as anti-feminist, and nothing anti-feminist deserves a nuanced look.

Man, that star fell fast!

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