Thursday, April 21, 2011

YouTube - Richard Carrier vs JP Holding - Question on Doubt

I had heard that there was a debate between Dr. Richard Carrier and James Patrick Holding. Here is the video.

YouTube - Richard Carrier vs JP Holding - Question on Doubt


  1. I had heard that there was a debate between Dr. Richard Carrier and James Patrick Holding. Here is the video.

    Um... good post? You should be aware though that this is not the video of the debate, but a snippet designed to highlight some of Holding's errors. Based on that I would guess you haven't actually watched this clip you found on DebunkingChristianity, otherwise I don't think you would have posted it.

  2. Yeah, Holding is basically caught saying, "Look at how unreasonable I am in principle."

  3. Thanks for pointing out that it was not the full debate. I will continue to look for that full debate. I haven't seen it yet. I posted it without looking at it. Also keep in mind that I did not comment on it. I should have said "here is a video clip from it". I had been looking for the full video and I haven't been able to find it. That way you can see the clip in its context.

  4. I see now I should have said audio clip. I'm rather amazed at the comments against Holding. How does saying that he is convinced of Christianity and that there is a God beyond doubt equate to saying that he does not care about evidence? Seems like there is much bias in that thinking. I mean he has reasons and evidence for why he believes what he believes. The criticism just doesn't hold up.

  5. The poster, FreeFromAllGods, misrepresents my views by confusing two different definitions of "doubt". See my reply at and also

  6. It sure interesting that when people can't refute JP Holding they mischaracterize Him, twist his words and his points until they are unrecognizable. No surprise. They tried to do it to Jesus also - and still do.

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