Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bart Ehrman’s New Testament Forgery Theory - Apologetics 315

Todd Wilken has had two very interesting programs on his podcast. In one episode he had Dr Bart Ehrman explain his theory that most of the Books of the New Testament are forgeries in that they were not written by whom the authors claimed to be. Most of the discussion centered around the 6 contested books that have been attributed to Apostle Paul.  Ehrman thinks only 7 letters were really written by him. Ehrman also discussed his contention that Apostle Peter did not write 2 Peter. Wilken also had a followup  program with Dr. John Warwick Montgomeryin which Montgomery interacted with Ehrman's statements and conclusions and explained why and where he disagrees. I'd really like to see these guys in a debate. I really appreciate Brian Auten calling attention to these and providing a link to an audio with the commercials edited out and both interviews back-to-back.

Bart Ehrman’s New Testament Forgery Theory - Apologetics 315
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