Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Special Rights, So . . . One Law for All | MandM

One of the best things about the blogosphere is the ability to read thoughts and word of people from all over the world. An article by John Tertullian posted on the M and M blog sheds a light on the subject of how should we address the evils inherited from colonialism and racism from the point of view of the things that are happening in New Zealand. As someone who lives with the results of European colonialism (who doesn't?), I find that I am far from objective. It is still good to see what other people think. This article deals with how a particular indigenous ethnic group, the Maori, is now trying to find its place in New Zealand society and how they can get back some of what was taken from them. The thing that really amazes me in this discussion is that people who benefited and still benefit will admit and say "Yes, it's horrible what was done to you and it was completely unfair." However, they seem to stop there and never answer the next question: "How do we compensates and make restitution for those injustices?" I don't pretend to know the answer and the United States has nothing to teach New Zealand on this. Think about it. Just two weeks ago people were calling for the President of the United States to provide his birth certificate to prove he was born in the United States and when provided it, they said he should provide his grades and transcripts to prove he deserved the opportunities he has had and had not taking the place of some deserving (read "White") person (read "man"). Yes, racism is still with us - even and especially in America.

No Special Rights, So . . . One Law for All | MandM
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